Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani
Dr. Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani

Associate Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Sahra Sedigh is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science (courtesy) and a Research Investigator with the Intelligent Systems Center at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. She holds a BS in electrical engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, and an MS in electrical engineering and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Purdue University. Her current research centers on development and modeling of dependable networks and systems, with focus on critical infrastructure. Her projects include research on dependability of the electric power grid, large-scale water distribution networks, and transportation infrastructures. Her industry experience includes research and development of high availability mechanisms for the Cisco Internetwork Operating System. Her past and present research sponsors include the National Science Foundation, the US and Missouri Departments of Transportation, the Department of Education, the National Security Agency, the Army, the EU FP7 Program on Smart Monitoring of Historic Structures, and private industry. She is a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering’s Frontiers of Engineering Education Program and held a Purdue Research Foundation Fellowship from 1996 to 2000. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of IEEE-HKN.

Quantitative Dependability  Modeling of  Smart  Grids  with  Consideration  of Cyber-Physical Interdependencies

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S.  Sedigh Sarvestani (, K. Marashi, and A. R. Hurson

Dept. of Education; Dept. of Transportation; Intelligent  Systems  Center (Missouri S&T); Center  for Infrastructure Engineering  Studies  (Missouri S&T); IntelliSpeak,  LLC

This research seeks to facilitate analysis of the reliability and survivability achieved by smart grids.  To this  end,  we have proposed  an analytical reliability  model and  a survivability analysis  method  that capture  the  effect of impairments originating  from both  physical and  cyber components,  as well as the  effect of cyber-physical  interdependencies among these components.   We investigate the  use of simulation-based fault  injection  to instantiate the  model with failure data.   We aim to categorize  and quantify  dependencies in the  smart  grid and analyze the  impact  on reliability  of introducing additional interdependencies.  A pending  case study  investigates  the  effect of physical  and  cyber improvements on overall  reliability  of the  smart  grid, and  demonstrates that flawed cyber infrastructure can  result  in lower reliability  than  that of a conventional  power grid with less advanced  control.  Additional detail on the project is available here.


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