ISC Membership Criteria:

  1. There are two types of ISC memberships: Senior Investigators and Investigators.
  1. An individual who is not a current ISC member must be nominated by a Missouri S&T faculty member or apply directly to the ISC Director in order to join ISC. Nominations and applications for ISC memberships can be made at any time. To nominate or apply for an ISC membership, a letter must be written to the ISC Director stating:
    • type of membership (Investigator)
    • match of the individual’s research interests with ISC emphasis areas
    • how ISC can benefit from the individual as a member
    • how the individual can benefit from joining ISC

The letter must be attached with a resume of the individual.

  1. Decisions on new ISC memberships are made at the end of each fall and spring semesters. The decisions are made by the ISC Director in consultation with the Senior Investigators. Acceptance of new ISC members is decided based on the following:
    • match of interests
    • past research record
    • future potential for research success
    • availability of positions
  1. Decisions on continuing ISC memberships are made at the end of each spring semester. The decisions are made by the ISC Director in consultation with the Senior Investigators. Continuation of ISC memberships is decided based on the following:
    • grants received
    • proposals submitted
    • papers published
    • participation in ISC activities
    • collaborative research efforts
    • other activities valuable to ISC
    • availability of positions
  1. The ISC Senior Investigators are appointed by the ISC Director and will typically have a higher level of participation in the ISC activities. 



  • Proposal opportunities for ¼ time Graduate Research Assistantship for both semesters of an academic year
  • Assistance on proposal preparation (primarily budget preparation and the Proposal Signature Routing Sheet) when ISC staff is available
  • Access to ISC Multimedia Conference Room (329 ERL)
  • Limited funds available for sponsoring or co-sponsoring external seminar speakers
  • Limited funds available for matching support up to 50% of travel expenses for visiting Federal Agencies to discuss funding opportunities and proposal submission
  • Assistance on proposal review before submission  


  • Pursue high-quality research, submit proposals for external funding, obtain external grants, and author/co-author peer-reviewed technical papers
  • Conduct research on an ISC funded project and submit a final report for the funded project
  • Acknowledge ISC support on publications resulting from ISC funded research
  • Include ISC’s DEPTID (R5011012) on the Proposal Signature Routing Sheet in the submitted proposals for external funding
  • Participate in the ISC Member Meetings and other meetings of ISC emphasis area(s)
  • Participate in the development of multi-disciplinary proposals
  • Participate in the ISC Poster Presentation and the ISC Graduate Research Symposium