Director's Greeting

Photo of Frank Liou

Welcome to Missouri S&T’s Intelligent Systems Center!


The Mission of the Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) is to provide an interdisciplinary research environment where faculty members from multiple academic disciplines can cooperate and conduct joint research on projects involving real-world cyber and physical systems with special emphasis on the methods of modeling, simulation, experimentation, analysis, sensing, control, communication, and networking as well as their applications to manufacturing, energy, security, and other systems. The scope of ISC is fairly broad, covering research activities in five thrust areas:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Processes, Equipment and Systems
  • Smart Living and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Advanced Simulation, Sensing, Control and Communications
  • Computational Intelligence and embedded Systems
  • Cyber Security and Trustworthiness

What is the best way to integrate knowledge from distinct fields in new ways for the benefit of society? 

  • It is not only to learn to speak in the same language
  • It is not only to get trained on the same terminologies
  • It is not only to learn to communicate
  • It is not only to learn the way other people think, how others’ approach to research

The best way is to integrate the teamwork of people from various backgrounds. Studies have shown that research teams with broader cultural knowledge and perspectives can produce more innovative and robust solutions to science and engineering problems.

Currently, we have over 50 research investigators – the largest research center on campus!  We have members from various disciplines. Together, we can leverage the interdisciplinary expertise to explore fundamental research, and deliver the best engineering systems!  Thank you for your interest in our institute. Find out more by contacting us.