Our Mission

Our mission is to provide interdisciplinary research environment in which faculty from various departments can cooperate and conduct research on sponsored projects involving real physical systems with special emphasis on an intelligent (smart) systems approach. 

ISC Logo
The Intelligent System Center's Logo.
South Entrance of Engineering Research Lab shot from below.
The Intelligent Systems Center is located on the third floor of the Engineering Research Lab.
ACIL TBI group members
The Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory is one of several laboratories within the ISC.
Huang Demonstrating TBI technology to US ARMY
Dr. Jie Huang demonstrates technology that prevents traumatic brain injury to the US Army.
Heng Pan conducts research on nanomaterials
Dr. Heng Pan conducts research on nanomaterials for manufacturing applications.
Dr. Benjamin Kwasa uses virtual reality to demonstrate research on Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Jie Gao taking measurements
Dr. Jie Gao researches light-matter interactions in nanophotonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials.

Upcoming Seminars


Upcoming Events

October 24, 2023 - 18th Annual ISC Poster Presentation in Havener Center's Main Atrium (First Floor) 2:00pm-5:00pm.

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ISC News

The Intelligent Systems Center is located in the Engineering Research Lab on the North side of Campus.
Dr. Liou conducts research on additive and subtractive manufacturing
Dr. Frank Liou studies hybrid metal additive and subtractive manufacturing to increase efficiency of layered manufacturing processes.
Illustration of traumatic brain injury
Demonstration of traumatic brain injury scenarios that can be applied to military, sports, and other applications.
Meeting for the Traumatic Brain Injury research group
The Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory searches for ways to better protect our soldiers from Traumatic Brain Injuries.
Dr. Shank Wright conducts research on smarthouses
Dr. Daniel Shank showcases the benefits of Smart Homes.

ISC Director

Dr. Frank Liou

ISC Director

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Frank Liou is the Michael and Joyce Bytnar Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has served as the Director of the Manufacturing Engineering Program at Missouri S&T since the year 1999 and has successfully received several curriculum development funds and set up two scholarship endowment programs. He has published a book on Rapid Prototyping along with over 300 technical papers. Dr. Liou’s research excels in additive manufacturing (AM), including hybrid additive and subtractive processes, path planning, multiscale multiphysics process modeling, and AM process monitoring and control. His research has been funded by AFRL, NASA, NSF, and industries. Dr. Liou has received several teaching, research, and service awards, including several best paper awards. Dr. Liou is a Fellow of ASME.


Dr Frank Liou Quad Chart titled Intelligent Manufacturing

Research Interests:

Metal additive manufacturing (AM), Novel AM process development and process planning, Multiscale multiphysics AM process modeling, Remanufacturing automation, Digital materials processing