Benefits and Expectations of ISC Investigators



  • ¼  time Graduate Research Assistantship for both semesters of an academic year
  • Assistance on proposal preparation (primarily budget preparation and the Proposal Signature Routing Sheet) when ISC staff is available
  • Access to ISC Multimedia Conference Room (329 ERL)
  • Access to ISC computer hardware and software (328 ERL)
  • Limited funds available for sponsoring or co-sponsoring external seminar speakers
  • Limited funds availablefor matching support up to 50% of travel expenses for visiting Federal Agencies to discuss funding opportunities and proposal submission
  • Assistance on proposal review before submission  


  • Pursue high-quality research, submit proposals for external funding, obtain external grants, and author/co-author peer-reviewed technical papers
  • Conduct research on an ISC funded project and submit a finalreport for the funded project
  • Acknowledge ISC support on publications resulting from ISC funded research
  • Include ISC’s DEPTID (R5011012) on the Proposal Signature Routing Sheet in the submitted proposals for external funding.
  • Participate in the ISC Member Meetings and other meetings of ISC emphasis area(s)
  • Participate in the development of multi-disciplinary proposals
  • Participate in the ISC Graduate Poster Presentation andthe ISC Graduate Research