Our mission is to provide interdisciplinary research environment in which faculty from various departments can cooperate and conduct research on sponsored projects involving real physical systems with special emphasis on an intelligent (smart) systems approach. We have integrated our primary research mission with Missouri S&T's commitment to developing internationally recognized research programs focused on key technologies.



  • Development of nationally and international recognized multi-disciplinary research programs in intelligent systems
  • Addressing the critical needs of industry and government that require basic and applied research
  • Integration of research and education activities
  • Nurturing of faculty members through team research efforts
  • Establishment of an exciting learning environment for students


  • Serving as a catalyst for the growth of multi-disciplinary research at Missouri S&T
  • Identification of funding opportunities that match the research interests of ISC members
  • Development of multi-investigator/multi-year proposals for federal grants
  • Development of state-of-the-art research laboratories
  • Seeking industrial contracts and collaborations
  • Involvement of graduate and undergraduate students in sponsored research
  • Facilitating the recruitment of quality Ph.D. students
  • Dissemination of ISC research results to sponsors and the broader community
  • Mentoring young/young-at-heart faculty members to develop successful proposals and industry relations