ISC Research Thrusts

Intelligent Manufacturing Processes, Equipment, and Systems

Research is conducted towards increasing the intelligence of manufacturing processes and systems for aerospace, automotive, energy and other applications. Fundamental theories in modeling and simulation, sensing and control, CAD/CAM, virtual reality, and software engineering are applied to generate a better understanding of emerging and critical manufacturing processes and systems for additive manufacturing, micro manufacturing, nanotechnology, etc. Research topics include: Virtual and Rapid Manufacturing, Integrated and Collaborative Design, Laser-Based Manufacturing, Composites Manufacturing, Laser Micromachining, and Liquid Metal Processing.

Thrust Leader:

Dr. Frank Liou
(573) 341-4603


Cyber Physical and Smart Living Systems

Missouri S&T’s Center for Smart Living seamlessly improves the quality of life by transforming home, workplace, transportation and energy infrastructures into “smart” environments. Smart Living increases our understanding of how people and technology interact by combining sensing with physical action, social behavior analysis, data analytics, engineering, technology, communication and decision-making into a single, integrated concept.  Major areas of research are (1) Decision Making and Governance, (2) Smart Grid and Transportation, (3) Privacy and Security, (4) Environment and Health.

Existing Faculty Interests in Smart Living

Research Projects

Thrust Leader:

Dr. Bruce McMillin
(573) 341-6435


Advanced Simulation, Sensing, Control, and Communications

Design and manufacture of microsystems and development of advanced sensors for monitoring, diagnosis, system identification, and implementation of real-time control systems provide situational awareness, survivability, and security of mobile networks. These studies will develop and apply sensing, control and communication technologies with domain models to train assembly operators, orthopedic surgeons, military personnel, etc. and will provide applications to the automotive, mechanical, electrical and civil systems. 

Thrust Leader:

Dr. Jag Sarangapani
(573) 341-6775


Computational Intelligence and Embedded Systems

Research is conducted to extend the breadth, comprehensiveness, and scope of automated approaches for extracting meaningful information from large bodies of data such as bioinformatics, biomedical data, data warehousing and counterterrorism. Applications include automated risk assessment, robot swarms, combinatorial optimization, logistics, time-series analysis, pattern recognition and search. Studies are made to design algorithms and software for ensuring security, reliability, responsiveness, and correctness of embedded systems, mobile applications, automotive systems, signal processing methods and fault-tolerance. 

Thrust Leader:

Dr. Donald Wunsch
(573) 341-4521


CyberSecurity and Trustworthiness

Research is aimed at efficient and robust solutions, software security and privacy in complex systems. An evolutionary security assessment framework is being developed to gauge the trustworthiness of system and application components. Research areas include Cloud Systems and Software; Smart Manufacturing; Cyber Physical System; Big Data Management; Wireless Networks; Embedded Systems; Social Networks; Transportation Systems; Critical Infrastructure; Smart Healthcare and Social Systems.

Thrust Leader:

Dr. Sanjay Madria
(573) 341-4856