Infrared Perfect Absorbers and Thermal Emitters with Tunable and Ultrabroad Bandwidth Based on Metamaterial Cavities


Dr. Xiaodong Project Image


Xiaodong Yang, Jie Gao




The objective of this research project is to study a new type of three-dimensional (3D) metamaterial infrared perfect absorbers and thermal emitters based on metal-dielectric multilayer metamaterial cavities, with the advantages of tunable and ultrabroad bandwidth, polarization independence, and wide incident angle, in order to address the research challenges in perfect absorbers. The proposed research consists of the following research areas: (a) investigation of the optical properties of metamaterial cavities with theoretical analysis and numerical simulations, (b) development of the nanofabrication process to fabricate the designed cavities, (c) demonstration of infrared perfect absorbers with tunable and ultrabroad bandwidth, (d) realization of thermal emitters with high emissivities over tunable bandwidth.


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