2016 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Graduate Student/Faculty Advisor
Co-Evolutionary Methods to Find Alternative Solutions to Thwart APTs Benjamin Daniels
Optical Forces in Coupled Plasmonic Split-Ring Resonators Cijian Li / Xiaodong Yang /Jie Gao
Development of Attack Detection Scheme for a Class of Cyber-Physical Systems Haifeng Niu / S. Jagannathan
New Active--Passive Dynamic Consensus Filter to Reduce the Overall Communication John (Daniel) Peterson
Broadcast Scheme Access Policy Using Descriptive Attributes with the Ciphertext Md Azharl Islam
Nanoscale Plowing Process Control Using Dual-Probe Atomic Force Microscopy Muthukumaran Loganathan / Douglas A. Bristow
The Effect of Cooling Strategies of Difficult-to-Cut Metals Paras Jasra
Cybersecurity of a Chemical Plant Prakash Rao Dunaka / Bruce McMillin
Using Simulation to Create a Data Driven Decision Framework for Transportation Samareh Moradpour / Suzanna Long
A Community Detection Algorithm with Predefined Upper Bound on the Number Sima Das
Crack Detection in Material by Analyzing DMD Illuminated Spatial-temporal Therma Srinivas Thandu 
A Multiple Security Domain Model of a Vehicle in an Automated Vehicle System Uday Kanteti
Event-Sampled Approximate Optimal Control of Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Vignesh Narayanan / S. Jagannathan
Experimental & Thermodynamic Modeling Analysis for Functionally Graded Material Wei Li / Frank Liou / Joseph Newkirk
A Freeform Extrusion Process for Producing Solid Ceramic Components Wenbin Li / Amir Ghazanfari / Devin McMillen  / Ming C. Leu
Accelerometry Signals into a Novel Two-Dimensional Activity Image Wenchao Jiang
Design Of Lattice Structure for Additive Manufacturing Wenjin Tao
Compressed Sensing (CS) Techniques for Image Recovery from Sparse Measurement Xiahan Yang
Z-order Encoding Based Delta Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks Xiaofei Cao
3D Printing of Bulk Metallic Glass by Foil-Based Additive Manufacturing Tech Yiyu Shen 
A System Reliability Method with Dependent Kriging Predictions Zhifu Zhu