2015 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Graduate Student/Faculty Advisor
An Algorithm To Address a Location Marginal Pricing Problem in Smart Grids Anurag Panwar/ Sriram Chellappan
Energy-Aware Real-time Scheduling of a Set of Sporadic Directed Acyclic Graph Ashikahmed Bhuiyan
Minimizing Attack Vectors in Computer Systems Benjamin Daniels
Bonding Strength Capabilities of Lithium Ion Batteries Fabricated Brandon Ludwig/ Dr. Heng Pan
Common Fallacies and Pitfalls of Machine Learning in Finance Bryce Schumacher
Coevolutionary Agent-based Network Defense Lightweight Event System (CANDLES) George Rush
Cognition-Based Natural Language Processing and Search for Medicine George J. Shannon / Donald C. Wunsch II / Steven M. Corns
Optimal Defense And Control For Cyber-Physical Systems Haifeng Niu/ S. Jagannathan
A framework to Automatically Detect Fusion Events Haohan Li
Incentive Mechanism for Data-Centric Message Delivery in Delay Tolerant Networks  Himanshu Jethawa
Data Mining Techniques in Health-Care Prediction Isam Alobaidi
Evolutionary Computation for the Automated Design of Category Functions Islam Elnabarawy
Biclustering Artmap Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Islam Elnabarawy/ Donald C. Wunsch/ Ashraf M. Abdelbar
Resilient Control of Linear Time Invariant Networked Multiagent Systems John Daniel Peterson
Consideration of Cyber-Physical Interdependencies in Reliability Modeling Koosha Marashi
Quantitative Reliability Modeling of Intelligent Water Distribution Networks Koosha Marashi / Sahra Sedigh
A Nonlinear Hierarchical Dimension Reduction Approach Based Generalized Distance Krishnan Raghavan
Hypothesis Test Based Motion and Location Sensor Fusion Lei Wang
Functionally Graded Ti and y-TiAl by Direct Deposition Lei Yan
Infrared Radiation Absorbers Using Multilayer Metamaterial Cavities Leixin Ouyang / Xiaodong Yang
Development of a System for Glass Additive Manufacturing Luke Gilbert / Muthukumaran Loganathan
Creating a Hardware/Software Architecture for Engineers and Computer Scientists Manoj Tadakamalla
A Dynamic Multi-Group Secure Sharing Scheme for Cloud Md Azharul Islam
Model-Checking BNDC Properties for Cyber-Physical Systems Md Azharul Islam
A Quasi-Repetitive Controller for Accurate Imaging in Atomic Force Microscopy Muthu Loganathan
Electrochemical Model-based Adaptive Estimation of Li-ion Battery State Nima Lotfi/ R.G. Landers
Increased Material Removal Rate to Improve Machining Performance Paras Jasra
Cyber-Physical Security of a Power Grid System using a Testbed Prashanth Palaniswamy / Bruce McMillin
Embedding Fiber Optic Sensor into Copper Mold for Continuous Casting of Steel Raghavender Jakka / Yiyang Zhuang / Luis Izet Escano / Jie Huang / Lianyi Chen
Network Tomographic Techniques to Improve Traffic Monitoring Ruoxi Zhang
A Bounded Actor-Critic Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning Ryan Lawhead/ Abhijit Gosavi / Susan L. Murray
Cyber-Physical Security of a Water Treatment System using a Testbed Sai Sidharth Patlolla
Data Analytics and Merging Behavior in Work Zone: A Driving Simulator Study Samareh Moradpour / Suzanna Long
Novel Graph Compaction Algorithms that Generate the Desired Compact Graph Sima Das
Laser Metal Deposition of Functionally Gradient Materials from Elemental Cu,Li Sreekar Karnati / Todd E. Sparks / Frank W. Liou / Joseph W. Newkirk
Control of a Single-Phase Standalone Inverter without an Output Voltage Sensor Subhajyoti Mukherjee
Synchronization and Control of Grid-Tied Voltage Source Converter Subhajyoti Mukherjee/ Mehdi Ferdowsi
Cure Kinetics of a Carbon Fiber/Bismaleimide Prepreg System Sudharshan Anandan 
Non-Cooperative Game Theoretic Formulation along with Off-Policy Reinforcement Vignesh Narayanan
CTR: A Cluster based Topological Routing for Disaster Response Networks Vijay Shah
Effect of Optimizing Particle Size in 3D Printing Functional Graded Material wit Wei Li / Frank Liou
An image denoising method for SAR images with low-sampling measurements Xiahan Yang / Yahong Rosa Zheng
Effect of Dependent Interval Distribution Parameters on Reliability Prediction Yao Cheng
Use of Zr interlayer, crack-free joints to the formation of ductile α-Zr phase Yingqi Li
The Time Evolution Of Crystallization in Laser Welding Of Metallic Glass Yiyu Shen
Robotic Go: Exploring a Different Perspective on Human-Computer Interaction with the Game of Go Zhifu Zhu / Xiaoping Du