2014 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Title
Graduate Student
An Integrated Methodology for Clustering And Visualizing Mixed, Erroneous, Missing Features And Outliers Dao Lam
Design Of Functionally Gradient Parts For Freeze-Form Extrusion Fabrication Process Amir Ghazanfari
Event-Based Optimal Control Of Uncertain Linear Dynamic Systems Viewed As A Cyber-Physical System Avimanyu Sahoo
Adaptive Control Of Safety-Critical Systems: Performance Optimization For Guaranteed Learning Benjamin Gruenwald
Robust Scheduling And Quality Of Service In Attack Resilient Cloud Assisted Cyber Physical Systems Brijesh Chejerla
Experimental Characterization Of Optical Nonlocality In Metal-Dielectric Multilayer Metamaterial Stack Changyu Hu
Hermetic Sealing Of Glass-To-Metal Via Lasers Chen Chen/Yiyu Shen
Improving Machinability Of Difficult-To-Cut Advanced Aerospace Materials Through High-Speed End-Milling Chukwujekwu Nnadi
DCAFE: A Distributed Cyber Security Automation Framework For Experiments George Rush
Wireless Passive RFID Networks Haifeng Niu
A High-Gain DC-DC Power Converter Topology Huawei Yang
Reliable And Privacy Preserved Communications In Smart-Grids Isam Alobaidi
Formation Of Micro-Scale Hexagonally Periodic Structures Using Microsphere Photolithography  Jacob Wilson
Probabilistic Simulation Of Solidification Temperature And Morphology Evolution During Laser-Based Metal Deposition  Jingwei Zhang
Quantitative Reliability Evaluation of Smart Grids with Consideration of Cyber-Physical Interdependencies Koosha Marashi
Borate Bioactive Glass Scaffolds Made By The Selective Laser Sintering Process  Krishna Kolan
Quantification Of Information Flow In A Smart Grid Li Feng
Energy Aware Disaster Recovery Network Using WiFi Tethering  Mayank Raj
Plug And Play Device Management For The FREEDM Distributed Grid Intelligence  Michael Catanzaro
Dip-Pen Nanolithography Process Control Using A Dual-Probe AFM Muthu Loganathan
Software Architecture Rationale Capture And Reuse Through Intelligent Argumentation  NagaPrashanth Chanda
Experimental Evaluation Of A Magneto-Inductive Communication System For Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Applications  Niaz Ahmed
Multi-Axis Path Planning For Robotic Machining In Hybrid System  Renwei Liu
Monitoring Carbon/BMI Composite Laminates Using Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors  Sudharshan Anandan
A Microgrid Framework For Smart Control  Xin Qiu
Control Oriented Thrust Force Of Wire Saw Machining Yang Zhang
Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Connectivity Assessment And Relay Node Deployment  Yi Ling
Who Missed The Class? - Unifying Multi-Face Detection, Tracking And Recognition In Videos  Yunxiang Mao
Multidisciplinary Reliability Analysis With Stationary Stochastic Processes Zhifu Zhu