2013 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Graduate Student
Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Discrete Time Systems Avimanyu Sahoo
Automated Generation of Benchmarks with High Discriminatory Power for Specific Sets of Black Box Search Algorithms Matthew Nuckolls
Characterization of Non-Metallic Inclusions and Micro-Porosity in Steel: Forged Ingots, Centrifugal and Net Shape Castings Jianxun He
Comparative Analysis of Hardware Accelerated Cognitive Networks Nathan Price
A Comparative Study of Sparse Methods for 3-D SAR Image Reconstruction Zengli Yang
A Comparison of Clustering, Biclustering and Hierarchical Biclustering Algorithms Sejun Kim
Comparison of Compression Molding and Selective Laser Sintering Processes in Making Composite Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells Ehsan Taghipour
Design and Manufacture of Light-Weight, Air Breathing Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Sriram Isanaka
Efficient and Secure Code Dissemination in Sensor Clouds Vimal Kumar
Fast Motion Fly Tracking by Adaptive LBP and Cascaded Data-Association Mingzhong Li
Freeze-Form Extrusion Fabrication of Functionally Graded Materials Aaron Thornton
High Temperature Sensors Based on Fabry-Perot Interferometer in Ceramic Coaxial Cable Kenneth Smith
Identifying Outlier Opinions in an Intelligent Argumentation Systems for Collaborative Decision Support Ravi Arvapally
Improved Phase Shedding Techniques in Interleaved Converters Anagha Rayachoti
Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Mobile Multidatabase Sima Das
Logcheck: An API for Cyberbullying Detection Sai Preethi Vishwanathan
Metamaterial Absorber/Emitter Based on Nanowire Cavities for Solar Thermo-Photovoltaic Systems Huixu Deng
Optimal Adaptive Controller Design for Unknown Linear Systems Qiming Zhao
Out-of-Autoclave Cure of BMI Composites Sudharshan Anandan
Passivation of Defect on Reinforcing Steel by Phosphate-Doped Enamel Coatings Xiaoming Cheng
Pedestrian Detection Using Multiple Features Yunxiang Mao
Privacy Preserving Communications using Spherical Chord Doyal Mukherjee
Realization of Robotic Ink Deposition on Curved Surfaces Renwei Liu/ Zhiyuan Wang
Reliability Analysis for Hydrokinetic Turbine Blades Under Random River Velocity Field Zhen Hu
Safety and Security in System Design of a Driver-Centric CPS-CSH Model Anusha Sankara/Srinivas Thandu/ Chakradhar Vadde
Sensor Node Localization Using Cellular Network Lei Wang
Stochastic Scheduling of Electric Vehicles' Load Using Fnu Maigha
Switching Model Predictive Control of Aqueous–Based Freeze Extrusion Fabrication Processes Hesam Zomorodi Moghadam
Unsupervised Feature Learning Classification Using an Extreme Learning Machine Dao Lam