2010 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Graduate Student/Faculty Advisor
Cross-Layer Approaches To Wireless Communications and Networking Chaitri Aroskar/Rosa Zheng
Analysis of Driver Behavior for Mobile Work Zones Using a Driving Simulator Durga Mathur, Manoj Vallati/Ming Leu, Ghulam Bham
Effect of Argon Stirring on Inclusion Flotation Using a Porous Plug Andrew O'Loughlin/Kent Peaslee
Implementing Frequency Regulation Capability in Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants Venkata Pappu/Badrul Chowdhury, Jonathan Kimball
Group Size Counting Problem in Computer Go Has a Way to Autonomously Count the Size of Graphs in a Grid World Tae-Hyung Kim, Adam Nisbett/Don Wunsch
 Microstructural Scale Effects on Fatigue of Aluminum Alloys P.S. De/R.S. Mishra
Integrated Cyber-Physical Fault Injection for Reliability Analysis of the Smart Grid Ayman Faza/Sahra Sedigh, Bruce McMillin
Modeling of Hand-arm System for Studying the Dynamic Effects of Impact Generated by Fastening of Shear-Type Fasteners Akul Joshi/Ming Leu, Susan Murray
Intelligent Computational Argumentation for Evaluating Performance Scores in Multi-Criteria Decision Making Rubal Wanchoo/Frank Liu
Outlining a Practitioner's Guide to Fitness Function Design Josh Wilkerson/Daniel Tauritz
 Performance Analysis of Networked Control System with Unknown Dynamics in the Presence of Random Delays and Packet Losses Hao Xu
Purification of Aluminum Through Al2O3-AlF3 Lucas N. W. Damoah/Lifang Zhang
Nanostructured Substrate with nanoparticles fabricated by femtosecond laser for surface-enhanced Raman scattering Yukun Han/Hai Xiao and Hai-lung Tsai
Performance Analysis of Secure Hierarchical Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Vimal Kumar/Sanjay Madria
Single-Shift Worker Allocation Using Two-Phase Goal Programming Shrikant Jarugumilli/Scott E. Grasman
Manufacturing of Transparent Composites Using Vacuum Infusion Process V. G. K. Menta/K. Chandrashekhara, Thomas P. Schuman
Selective Laser Sintering of Bioglass Bone Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Krishna Kolan
Encoding Real Values into Polychronous Spiking Networks Cameron Johnson
Neural Network Control of Nonaffine Systems with Application to HCCI Engine Hassan Zargarzadeh
Information Flow Properties for Energy Management in a Smart Grid Ravi Akella
A Customer-Preference Uncertainty Model for Decision-Analytic Concept Selection Swithin Razu
Miniaturization of Laser Metal Deposition Process Shyam Baru, Todd Sparks, Amar Sridhar
A comparison of Case-Based Reasoning Karan Banga
Quantification of Experimental Uncertainty in Design Analysis Harsheel Shah