2009 ISC Graduate Research Symposium

Paper Graduate Student/Faculty Advisor
Enhancement of Autonomous Real-Time SHM with Short Range Wireless Communication Bentley Banks, Tyler Harms/Sahra Sedigh
Short Term Wind Speed Prediction Using Feedforward and Feedback Neural Network Architectures Richard Welch/K. Venayagamoorthy
Development of Extrusion-On-Demand for Ceramic Freeze-Form Extrusion Fabrication Processes Thomas Oakes/Robert Landers
Secure Data Aggregation using Multiparty Computation Vimal Kumar/Sanjay Madria
Attenuator (VMA) Markings in a Mobile Work Zone using a Driving Simulator Durga Mathur, Manoj Vallati/Ming Leu, Ghulam Bham
FlexRay Network Utilization Evaluations Based on Static and Dynamic Segments Fei Ren/Rosa Zheng
Contribution Based Priority Assessment in a Web-based Intelligent Argumentation Network for Collaborative Software Development Maithili Satyavolu/Frank Liu
An Artificial Life Approach to Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Srinivasa Vulli/Sanjeev Agarwal
Function Structure and Object-Oriented Virtual Prototyping Framework Jen-Chi Wu/Ming Leu, Frank Liu
Damage and Energy Dissipation of RC Bridge Columns under Combined Loading Including Torsion During Earthquakes Suriya Shanmugam/DJ Belarbi
 An Agent-Based Computational Model of a Self-Organizing Project Management Paradigm for Research Teams Paul Robinette/Don Wunsch
Photo-Dissociation of CO2 Gas by Using Two Lasers Zhi Liang/Hai-Lung Tsai
Model-Checking BNDC Properties for Cyber-Physical Systems Ravi Akella/Bruce McMillin
Online Melt Pool Temperature Control for Laser Metal Deposition Processes Lie Tang, Todd Sparks/Jianzhong Ruan, Robert Landers, Frank Liou
A Two Stage Conversion Method for the Active Power Control of Solar Photovoltaic Plants and Storage in a Microgrid  Venkata Pappu/Badrul Chowdhury
Improving the Steel Casting Process Using Automated Inclusion Analysis Vintee Singh/Kent Peaslee
Manufacturing and Performance Evaluation of Core-Filled Pultruded Bio-Composite Panels Rama Vuppalapati/K. Chandrashekhara
System Reliability Analysis of Laser Deposition Model Gagandeep Saini, Zhiqiang Fan, Shriharsh Mirashi/Xiaoping Du, Frank Liou
Market Share Uncertainty Modeling for Decision-Analytic Concept Evaluation Swithin Razu/Shun Takai
A Novel Fault Isolation and Prognostics Scheme for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems with Performance Guarantees Balaje Thumati/J. Sarangapani
Reliability Analysis for the Advanced Electric Power Grid: from Cyber Control and Communication to Physical Manifestations of Failure Ayman Faza/S. Sedigh, B. McMillin
Cost Uncertainty Modeling for Decision-Analytic Concept Evaluation Karan Banga/Shun Takai
A Multi-Channel Multi-Interface Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Behdis Eslamnour/J. Sarangapani
Coevolutionary Automated Software Correction Josh Wilkerson/Daniel Tauritz
Robotic Go: Exploring a Different Perspective on Human-Computer Interaction with the Game of Go Adam Nisbett, Tae-Hyung Kim/Donald Wunsch